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Thai London Therapy: Home To Quality Traditional Thai Massage London Services

Massaging is an ancient form of therapy that involves the kneading and rubbing of body joints and muscles with the hands, and is normally done to ease muscle pain and tension. As a London resident looking for massage services, the massage therapist you hire to perform a massage will determine the results you get at the end of your therapy. As such, if you are looking for quality massage solutions, approaching a professional massage spa is what you need to consider doing.

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For the best massage solutions in London, Thai London Therapy is the spa to approach. A professional and luxurious spa with qualified and experienced massage therapists, Thai London Therapy, offers world-class massage solutions including traditional Thai massage London services that are sure to cater to your every need.

The spa, located at 60-61 Rossmore Road in London, offers a range of massage treatments and solutions that are sure to help alleviate muscle-related stress, pain and tension. The spa’s services are a blend of the best western and eastern techniques. As such, you can trust in the fact that you will be enjoying unique and professional solutions in the safe hands of their experienced therapists.

Why You Should Consider Choosing Thai London Therapy

Apart from traditional Thai Massage London solutions, Thai London Therapy offers a host of bespoke massage services that are designed to cater to the therapy needs of different clients. As such, if you are looking for professional, tailor-made massage solutions, then this is the spa to visit.

Here is a look at some of the services Thai London Therapy has to offer:

Traditional Thai Massage Solutions

Traditional Thai massage is a massage system the entails the use assisted stretching developed in Thailand and influenced by traditional Southeast Asian, Indian and Chinese medicine systems.

Swedish Massage Solutions

Swedish massage uses more oil than the tradition Thai massage London option but ultimately allows the therapist to work much deeper into the muscles. This massage option is great for easing body tension.

Sports Massage

If you work out often or are an active player in any given sport, then a sports massage is something that you should consider getting. Thai London Therapy offers sport massage solutions and that allow for deeper and heavier kneading and rubbing movements as compared to conventional massage option. Often, this option is used to address a specific part of the body that is tense, injured or that has a dysfunction – common problems active people tend to undergo.

Hot Stone Massage

Thai London Therapy also offers professional hot stone massage solutions that are sure to address even the tightest of muscles, to help boost circulation and to stimulate the nervous system through the use of warmed lava stones that are placed on specific body points and combined with a deep tissue, Swedish or traditional Thai massage technique.

Thai London Therapy: Home To Professional Massage Solutions

If you are looking for traditional Thai massage London services and other massage solutions, then Thai London Therapy is the spa to approach. The great thing about Thai London Therapy’s services is that they are not only professional, but there are also dependable and affordable.

To schedule a massage or consultation, or to learn more about the spa’s services, contact them via telephone on 07940 204150 or 07872 525489. Alternatively, you could visit and go to the contact us fill-in form, fill it and a Thai London Therapy professional will get back to you as soon as possible.

Call Us Today For An Appointment On Tel. 07872 525489 or 07940 204150

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