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Amazing Massages You’ll Come Back For

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Stiff Muscles?

Couples Massage

Enjoy a Massage with a Significant Other

Signature Thai Massage

This is one of our longer massages consisting of a body scrub, hot stone massage, and includes techniques from thai, ayurvedic, and sports.

Thai Massage

This massage uses yoga like stretches to loosen and strengthin muscles

Thai Poultices

Using theraputic aromas from herbs in a compress ball. Therapists massage tense points of the body while using thai massage techniques

Stiff Muscles?

Thai Foot Massage

Using a version of thai techniques a tool is applied to tense spot to relax muscles

Sports Massage

This treatment uses a combination of aroma therapy and deep yoga techniques. The pressure of the stretches are up to the customer.

Hot Stone Massage

Special stones are heated and covered in oil to comfort your body where ever it’s tense.

Body Wrap

A blanket is warmed for your comfort and a mud mask is cleanses your skin leaving it smooth.

Body Scrub

We scrub away the dead skin cells and soften your skin with oils.

Aroma Therapy

Refresh Your Senses with Our Amazing Smelling Aromas