Dear Valued Customer,

Thai London Therapy will remain closed as a massage and beauty salon, along with the other spas in London, in accordance with the government Guidelines for Coronavirus.

However, from the 10th of June, we will be running an osteopathic clinic from our premises in Baker Street.

Benjamin Morres (MoST DO ND) holds masters in Osteopathy and a diploma in Naturopathy. He will be working with and overseeing two therapists from Thai London therapy doing massage – when it is deemed by the osteopath as being for the purpose of aiding the client’s recovery from preordained pain or dysfunction. We cannot do massage for any other reason than this at the current time.

Osteopathy is a system where a qualified practitioner will analyse, diagnose and treat pain or dysfunction within the various systems of your body. The osteopathic philosophy is based on the principle that the well-being of an individual depends on all different systems of the body functioning smoothly together. Manual tests for the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and circulatory system may be performed to aid diagnosis and treatment.

Our osteopaths can treat a wide range of medical conditions such as:

-Joint pain and dysfunction in most areas of the body.

-muscle spasms and generalised aches and pains

-Posture and work-related repetitive strain injuries.

-A wide variety of sporting injuries.

Tension and inability to relax.

-Circulatory problems.

-Digestion problems.

-Sports injuries.



-Nerve pain.

We will be implementing vigorous anti coronavirus policies which will be available on the Thai London Therapy Website.

Bookings must be made through our osteopaths who will verbally asses you for suitability of treatment before taking any bookings.

For booking, you can email Phone/text/WhatsApp – 07817891137