Our ethos is based on the naturopathic triad of health which encompasses the structural, biochemical and emotional components of the body. We have resident osteopaths who can treat with many different types of pain or dysfunction within the body.

Our osteopaths will carry out a case history and biomechanical examination to determine the cause of any injury or dysfunction within the body. Then, if treatment is suitable he/she will use a range of treatment modalities to try to correct the issue.

These can include :

Spinal and joint manipulation to ease pain and enhance movement
Soft tissue techniques to help muscle pain and joint dysfunction
Corrective exercise techniques for regular home use to retrain the body to move correctly again.

We also offer sport specific massage and stretching treatments. These have been designed to work more intensely on the areas used in certain sports such as running, tennis, golf, rugby and football. We combine deep tissue, facial release and PNF stretching techniques to create the ultimate in pre and post sport treatments.

We have naturopaths who can prescribe exercise programmes and stress management programmes.

They can also work with you to build a nutritional programme to suit your needs. This may be in the form of weight loss programmes, anti inflammatory programmes or increased sports performance. We also offer nutritional advice for those people looking to detox or simply raise their energy levels and live a more clean and healthy life.

Our osteopaths are overseen by Benjamin Morres who has over 20 years experience within the health industry. Having spent over ten years running his personal training company in Kensington (London), training everyone from Hollywood actors and directors to people recovering from major operations, he decided to take his fascination with human biomechanics and physiology to the next level and gained his Masters in Osteopathy and Naturopathy. For the past 10 years he has been working as an osteopath and fitness consultant in London and now in Marrakesh.